To finance our start-up we offer our services even without a contract. For a precise quote please contact us, below are marked the main offers, however we are very flexible.


ThVIDEO PRODUCTIONe time has come to take your band to a real stage, Blue bike records offers musicians everything they need to record their tracks in studio quality. We provide you with a modern digital recording studio that offers professional solutions with costs within the reach of all budgets.
Our team will help you produce music and audio, in a welcoming environment with excellent acoustics, with the use of quality equipment to bring clients’ projects and dreams to life.


The members of our team combine competence and passion for music with professionalism in the field of video. Our working roots are firmly established in music and the music video is the area in which we are able to express our creativity to the maximum. Blue bike records follows each customer in all phases of the creation of video clips, from the drafting of the subject to the final delivery. We continually update our skills and equipment to create exciting and technically flawless music videos. Thanks to the flexibility of our team and a large network of collaborators, we can make your music videos throughout Italy and throughout Europe.


Photography has always been the essential element of any type of communication: from advertising to institutional, from public to private, an image is the simplest way to express concepts and send clear messages to anyone. With the utmost professionalism, we offer a complete photographic service directly in the field.
The basic costs may vary according to the type of video you want to produce, we are available to adapt to the wishes of real artists and customers.


Vector illustrations are limitless images. That is, these are digital illustrations that can be printed in any size, from the smallest to the most substantial, without loss of definition and without that “grainy” effect that causes an evident loss of image sharpness. The negative aspect, so to speak, lies in the fact that this type of illustrations tend to have a more difficult realization of shades and shadow effects, so that depending on the desired result, it may be preferable to create a classic illustration. In the case of illustrations on request, I always try to define in advance the measures necessary for the realization of the design, in order to leave the user free to decide on the preferred design style and color.
However, it may happen that the user has not yet decided how big the final image should be: in this case, the best solution is to rely on the illustrator who will surely know which solution to take.


It is the highlight, with “all-in-one” you will no longer be a customer, but a member of our welcoming family. In fact this corresponds to a collaboration, in which the artist receives all the following services:

  • Record production;
  • Video clip production;
  • Graphic production and web design;
  • Photographic production;
  • Printing (records and promotional material);
  • Digital and traditional distribution;
  • Events and Concerts Organizations

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