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We call ourselves a record label but we aspire to be much more. Blue Bike Records is a project conceived by a group of passionate friends with the aim of growing it.

The idea materialised in the autumn of 2019, with the first official recordings made in a cellar in Ascona, called „Grandma’s Basement”, a name given by the grandson of the house keeper. This place has been constantly renewed and changed in step with our needs since 2015. It was often frequented by young artists and musicians who found themselves playing music, dancing, organizing small events and shooting videos together. A great project that no one was aware of was quietly taking shape, and the idea came soon: we formed Blue Bike Records; we set to work with great motivation; in just eight months we recorded eleven songs which were then played on some radios, including SRF3 and radio TOP. After a lot of work and achievements, we decided to clean the square and start again, but with the project in sight.

Leonardo Biasca-Caroni

Hey there, I am mainly involved in music production. I currently study “Sound Arts” in Bern.
Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about art. I started with music when I was seven years old with my first piano lessons and later, as a teenager, I learned the guitar and sang, so that together with Nils and other musicians we formed a band, which was more a pretext to express ourselves and have fun. In fact, the band was constantly changing genre, we couldn’t get enough and so it didn’t take long for it to turn into a sort of record label.

Lorenzo Nodari

Hi everyone, I mainly deal with the production of media such as photography and video. Even if more than production I live it as a creation, an interesting process in which I have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with brilliant people, in an environment where everyone has fun and learns something.
I have been studying photography for the past 8 years and more recently I have started making my way into the vast world of “video-making”.

My natural habitat is to tell stories about what exists, and stop singular moments through the light. I like to use my imagination to fantasize about reality, and I am motivated to find original methods to convey certain ideas, emotions and concepts to convey them to people.

Nils Hösli

Hello, I am mainly responsible for marketing and management.
In 2018 I started studying digital marketing and financial markets as a self-taught.
I love music and I love creating things, so in 2015 I started writing and playing songs with Leo, and we started calling ourselves “Les Clavels”.
I wasn’t involved too much witch music, and I was getting closer to the world of management and marketing, Leonardo was about to begin his “Sound Arts” study, and we had the idea. Why not creating a record company?
So we founded Blue Bike Records!

After a pause on my part I’m ready to grow this project to reach its full potential!
The music industry is changing a lot, and we are here to be part of that change.

Alma Gobbi

Alma still needs to send us the bio and get her picture taken with the special sweater. Coming soon!

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